October 12, 2002

Arriving in New Zealand

Arrived in Wellington around 2.15 pm. Quite scary coming in to land as you turn over the sea to fly
into Wellington, it seems as if you are going to come down into the sea but we had an excellent landing with only a few slight bumps. Found our way to immigration, no problems, then onto the baggage section, short wait, then out into arrivals hall. Vida and Graham already waiting there as they had found out plane was early. It was great to see them both. We were feeling quite tired by this time, so they drove us straight back to their home in Wadestown. After having a refreshing cup of tea and catching up on things we unpacked and had a bath then walked down into Wadestown to have a meal at a pub called The Shepherds Arms. David had fish of the day which was Tarihiki, I had salmon fishcakes, Vida, lamb, Graham, chicken.
The meals were excellent and the beer very good. Walked back up the hill to their home and went to bed and zonked out.