November 30, 2002


Got up around 7.15 a.m. Walked to park. Saw lots of birds on way and around the lake. We then went back and had breakfast. Walked down to railway station and caught train from Perth to Fremantle took around 35 minutes. Gary was working Saturday morning and Lara had a hair appointment so we were meeting up later in Fremantle.
We took a tour around the prison then walked along harbour. Had fish and chips at Kailles then went and had a drink in the brewery. Next we walked along the sea front found the round house but could not go in as there was a wedding. Went back to the High Street and sat and waited to see if we could spot Gary and Lara. Met up eventually and went and had a drink in a square outside a bar.

November 29, 2002

Playing with the CATs

Got up late. Caught the CAT bus into the centre. The buses around Perth are free.(well some). Had a browse around the shops in Perth. Caught bus to Swan River sat and had toasted sandwiches at a cafe then went and had a drink by the river, at a pub. Spoke to two blokes who came from Accrington and Oswaldtwistle. Saw the bell tower. Had a short walk and then caught CAT bus back to Northbridge. Found shop where Gary and Lara buy spices, muesli etc. The shop was stocked with everything imaginable.

November 28, 2002

Hong Kong to Singapore to Perth

Up around 9.00 a.m. Went into the mall to get fresh muffins and yoghurts for breakfast.
Found they didn't open until 11.00 a.m so went back to Hotel room and got our packing finished. We then had a cup of tea and the muffins. Left around 11.55a.m. by taxi to airport. Sat and had fruit juice in one of the cafes then it was time to go through security. Plane left on time. Had a good flight. Stopped off in Singapore for 1and a half hours. Got to Perth at 1.05 a.m. Took ages to go through immigration and customs. Gary was waiting for us at the airport. Got to Gary and Lara's around 2.00 a.m. Bed around 3.00 a.m.

November 27, 2002

Hong Kong

Got up around 9.15 a.m. Had cup of tea and fruit and then set off to go into Hong Kong on the Ferry. Walked down Canton Street and past the bus station and bought tickets on Upper Deck of Ferry. Didn't have long to wait. Day overcast. Arriving in Hong Kong we found out where to go to get the funicular railway up to the viewing platforms. Took around 20 minutes to get up there. The views were tremendous. Had a look around the viewing places and the shopping mall. Bought a copper bracelet. Went in a small cafe for lunch and had a tuna mayonnaise salad. After lunch we went down on the railway and looked around Hong Kong. We eventually made our way back to Kowloon about 4 o'clock looking in on the Cathedral on the way. Caught a ferry and bought muffins and water on the way back from the shopping mall. Walked back to have another look around the market in the evening Went back to the mall to City Super and had a meal which was not very warm, but not too bad.

November 25, 2002

Setting off for New Zealand

Today we set off for New Zealand. Abbey cars picked us up at 2 pm from Pam and Normans. We had a good run to Heathrow and arrived around 3.20 p.m. We then checked in and there were no problems with excess baggage so we than made our way towards the coffee shop where we had arranged to meet Emma and Anton. As we were walking along we saw them coming in the main doors. We then went and sat down at a table and had coffee and E and A had hot chocolate. Sat and chatted until almost 5.30 when we decided to go and check in through security. We found the gate no we had to go through and said goodbye to E and A. We eventually got to the gate area lounge which was a good walk only to find that the plane had been delayed by 1 and a 1/4 hour. We walked back to the main lounge and found Wetherspoons bar and sat and had a drink. We eventually flew off at 7.45 p.m. Dozed a little on the plane and got to Hong Kong at 3 p.m. No problems with immigration or customs so found ourselves a taxi to the Hotel Marco Polo Prince in Kowloon. On arriving at Hotel the proters brought our bags to the room. We then had a couple of hours sleep and then went out in the evening. We found Temple Street market. Lots and lots of different stalls. Bought a watch, some small brass locks, trousers for D, pocket compass and magnifying glass. Sat at a food stall and had spiced King prawns and mussels, very good. We then walked onto the harbour and took photos of the waterfront. On the market we saw a street or two with fortune tellers all the way along sat at their tables. Took photos. Left the waterfront and found our way back to Hotel. It was around midnight. We eventually managed to get to sleep but woke after a short while.